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Maintenance of iron String roller

Because the Offsctdruckereien need to moisten the blank part of the printing plate, ink has been emulsified possible, the results of ink emulsion will lead to iron string Ink Roller pro-oily can be lowered, serious when the deinking failure occurs. The hydrophilic film of iron roller surface is easier to remove, if it is the polar inorganic salts layer, it must be thoroughly cleaned up with 5% sodium hydroxide solution. It is best to rub the copper plating bath (cupric sulfate solution) on the iron string roller, because the metal copper layer has good lipophilic, and can improve the ink-transfer properties of iron string rollers. In addition, it should be noted that sometimes emulsified ink in the aqueous phase of a certain amount of oxidant, once excessive, iron-plated ink roller copper layer will produce black copper oxide, at this time, deinking phenomena may also appear.