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Simple repair steps for rollers

① the broken string of ink roller mounted on the lathe, clamping the shaft end of the non-broken end (not to clamp the Φ 90mm outer circle), the outer circle with the Lathe center support, and find positive radial runout within 0.05mm.

② using φ 28mm drill bits in the fault-loss end drilling through hole (the wall thickness about 39mm), according to the size of the fine bore holes.

③ Select 1 φ 35mm, long 300mm about 45 # steel sticks, will φ 30mm, long 34mm and Phi 32mm, long 5mm shaft neck into the hole, and with the hole wall to maintain 0.03~0.04mm clearance, and the surface roughness of Ra3.2, so that the storage binder and exhaust.

④ use acetone to wash the inner hole and the adhesive surface of the shaft neck, and then use LT680 anaerobic acid evenly coated in the inner hole and shaft neck area, then plug the shaft end into the hole, rotating a few laps, and finally with the top cone of machine tool tight. such as emergency, can be used incandescent or iodine tungsten lamp to the bonding site to bake to 40, and then cutting processing; if not urgently or no baking conditions, can also be cured at room temperature for about 6 hours.

⑤ bonding good shaft end to finish machining, then can be installed.

By practice, the roller rollers repaired with this method can be basically restored and durable.