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The Daily maintenance of rollers

1. Daily Cleaning

Every day after work or each batch of products to finish the cleaning of cots must be earnest, clean, avoid cots surface layer and ink pigment, resin oxidation to produce a smooth, hard film layer, or plastic roller glass, the impact of ink transmission. Cleaning generally first kerosene, and then gasoline, because kerosene is not volatile, and gasoline volatile, so cleaning can make the rollers clean and dry. In cleaning, pay attention to wash the two ends of the rollers, in general, offset press rollers easy to accumulate ink, knot skin dry solid, and cleaning do not rely entirely on scraping ink, clean cotton will scrape the ink cleaner, and the end of the rollers wash clean.

2. Prevent debris

Prevent debris and dig ink fountain ink shovel scratch and roll bad rollers. Printing operation, offset presses on the table to keep clean and tidy, tools and printing supplies can not casually disorderly put, do not debris and ink shovel into the rollers. In the ink roller, adjust to the rollers and plates between the pressure, rollers and rollers of the pressure often used steel sheet measurement, but to note that the number of steel tablets as little as possible to prevent scratches on the roller surface rubber.

3. Avoiding compressive deformation

The offset press is comprehensive and uniform when the press is running normally, so it does not occur in some parts of the sag. Offset printing equipment After a long time downtime, so that the rollers are pressed in a fixed position, this has the possibility of producing local sag, so if the downtime is long or encounter holidays, it is best to put the roller down to the ink roller rack, remember not to directly put on the Mesa, in case the glue roller local compression deformation.