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The performance of Roller

The performance of rollers includes the physical and mechanical properties of rollers, the chemical properties of rollers and the printing performance of rollers.

The physical and mechanical properties of rollers refer to the physical properties such as surface smoothness, cylindricity, cleanliness, elasticity, hardness, tensile strength and elongation. And the chemical performance of rollers refers to the ink, acidic liquids, solvents and external factors, resistance to its swelling or corrosion resistance, aging performance. The aging of rollers is caused by chemical change of colloid. To prevent premature aging of rollers, maintain good ink-transfer performance, in addition to the production of ink roller colloid in the use of anti-aging agents, in the application also should pay attention to the normative operation and good maintenance work.

The printing performance of rollers refers to the ink roller and printing quality, printing speed, rolling state, wetting liquid, ink, plates and other printing conditions, suitable for the printing work of various performance, including the affinity, transitivity, elastoplastic, weather resistance and abrasion resistance.