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The structure of rollers

(1) Rubber layer

The rubber layer is composed of three parts: surface glue layer, bridge layer and hard glue layer. The surface layer is the main part of the rollers, it plays the role of the uniform transfer ink; The bridge glue layer plays the role of bonding surface and hard glue layer. The hard glue layer plays the role of bonding metal roller core and bridge glue layer.

(2) Metal roller Cores

The metal roller core is the skeleton of the printing ink roller. In order to make the rubber layer better with the roller core, in the roller on the surface of the car screw thread, thread end is left, there is a gap in the middle, not the thread, as the test roller to the shaft head beating. The metal roller core is a solid cylindrical or hollow cylindrical body, and the wall thickness of the roller core should be uniformly uniformly. The roller core ends with the bearings must be pressed firmly and marked with a standard center thimble hole. The center of gravity of the metal roller must be balanced and not allowed to swing or bend. Before casting, the metal roller cores must be inspected and handled, removing oil and rust.

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