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Characteristics And Performance Of Vertical Packing Machine

Apr 17, 2017

1, Advanced Chinese touch screen control, the operation is simpler;

2, the product packaging, the printing date to complete. Save time and cost savings;

3, optimized structure design, disassembly, cleaning more convenient;

4, transverse, longitudinal seal temperature independently control, better suited to various packaging materials;

5, intelligent design, no blanking, not empty pack;

The mainstream of the vertical packaging machine sample version. The model has 320 420 520 680,800. General 420 model requirements are larger.

1 Advanced machine design, reasonable structure, reliable performance

2 adopts double synchronous belt pulling film, by the cylinder control tensioning, automatic deviation rectification, automatic alarm protection function, minimizing loss.

3 The machine is matched with metering device, collecting bag, filling, filling, printing and counting.

4 can be modified according to the material and closing mode metering device.