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The Design Of Liquid Filling Machine Should Play Technical Features

Apr 17, 2017

There are a wide range of liquid products in the market, common beverages, cleaning products and chemical reagents. Because different products have different properties, so the design of liquid filling machine should be designed for different characteristics, more convenient to fill the product.

At present, liquid filling equipment is the necessary equipment in the late production of liquid. Through the current CNC technology, the computer can control equipment to complete production, so is a liquid large-scale production of the necessary products. Nowadays many manufacturers are using filling machine to produce.

When we design the filling equipment of different materials, considering the different nature of the material, we should have different technical design. In this, the first thing to say is the part of contact with the material. This part of the design of reasonable words can make the product guarantee high quality.

When we are filling for drinks, because the product directly edible, so in the design time should adopt the national standard food grade stainless steel material; When the chemicals and cleaning products are filling, considering that the product has certain corrosive, should be selected to resist corrosion products.