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The Working Principle Of Vertical Packing Machine Should Not Be Ignored

Apr 17, 2017

Vertical Packaging Machine Working principle: On the supporting device on the reel film, winding through the guide Rod Group, tensioning device, by the photoelectric detection control device on the packaging material logo design location, through the molding coil into thin film cylinder wrapped in the surface of the filling tube.

First, the longitudinal heat seal is used for the longitudinal heat seal of the film of the interface part of the coil, and the tube is sealed, then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat sealing device, which constitutes the packing bag.

Metering device to measure good items, through the upper filling tube into the packaging bag, then by the transverse heat seal sealing and cutting in the center, forming a bag cell, while forming the bottom of the next bag sealing.

Vertical packaging machine is a reel of flexible packaging materials made into bags, filling the material, sealing, three functions automatic continuous completion of the machine.

With the metering of the upper road to fill the machinery, vertical packaging machine is often used in bulk, flake, granular, stem branching, powdery and fluid and semi fluid materials.