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Customized jelly bag packaging machine

  • MB-240SC Slope Cup Filling Packing Machine for Candy|capsule|marbles Ball

    Contact NowMB-240SC Slope Cup Filling Packing Machine for Candy|capsule|marbles BallMB-240SC Slope cup filling packing machine APPLICATIONS: Be used for packing granule material in field of food, medicine and chemical Such as seeds|granule| peanuts|candies|desiccant. 2、FEATURES: All the works of bag-making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and heatprinting codes can be done...Read More

  • Hand Press Sealing Machine

    Contact NowHand Press Sealing MachineFS Hand press sealing machine Applications: The hand sealing machine can be widely used in food, local products, candy, tea, medicine, hardware and other industries. Description: FS series hand impulse sealers are widely applied to seal all kinds of plastics films, compound films and...Read More

  • MY-A02 Vertical Liquid|paste Air Type Filling Machine

    Contact NowMY-A02 Vertical Liquid|paste Air Type Filling MachineMY-A02 Vertical liquid|paste air type filling machine Features Adopt manual operation does not need other power, simple operation, high filling precision; Small, low cost; Using 304 stainless steel construction of material contact parts, stainless steel valve system design; Filling volume,...Read More

  • Ten Heads Weighing Filling Machine

    Contact NowTen Heads Weighing Filling Machineten heads weighing filling machine I. Main performance and structural features *Select the best combination immediately from diversified weight combinations through computer with perfect combination of high precision and high speed. *High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise...Read More

  • Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

    Contact NowStretch Film Wrapping MachineStretch film Wrapping Machine Stretch film Wrapping Machine APPLICATIONS : Suitable transport and mechanical loading and unloading operation packaging requirements. Widely used and the export of foreign trade, food and beverage, irrigation, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemical industry, glass...Read More

  • MY-M2 Semi-auto Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine for Liquid

    Contact NowMY-M2 Semi-auto Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine for LiquidMY-M 2 Semi-auto magnetic pump liquid filling machine Features: Gear pump head by magnetic drive pump head and motor no shaft connection, do not worry about damage to the shaft seal leak or pump motor load is too high and burn; Click on the pump head and imported from Germany, the other...Read More

  • Semi-auto High Table Carton Strapping Machine

    Contact NowSemi-auto High Table Carton Strapping MachineSemi-auto High table Carton strapping machine Applications: Apply to cartons, plastic boxes, books, soft bags and square, tubular, circumferential strapping a variety of materials such as packaging, widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, printing, medicine, postal and other...Read More

  • AUTO Continuous Wrapping And Shrinking Machine

    Contact NowAUTO Continuous Wrapping And Shrinking MachineAUTO Continuous wrapping and shrinking machine Applications: This set of equipment is particularly suited to frame, box, software, print, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, drinks and industry such as floor mass shrinking packaging Description: AUTO Wrapping&shrinking machine(Support max...Read More

  • MY-VA Vertical Type Liquid|paste Filling Machine for Paste|cream|honey

    Contact NowMY-VA Vertical Type Liquid|paste Filling Machine for Paste|cream|honeyMY-VA Semi-Automatic Vertical Liquid&paste Filling Machine Applications: The machine is widely used in the fields of food, daily chemical, medicine, etc. to filling liquid&paste. Description: The semi-automatic vertical liquid filling machine uses Stainless Steel structure. The piston is...Read More

  • Automatic Sleeve Wrapper PE Film Shrink Packaging Machine

    Contact NowAutomatic Sleeve Wrapper PE Film Shrink Packaging MachineAutomatic sleeve wrapper PE film shrink packaging machine Summarize: GSJ-5040A is suitable for wrapping products such as pop-cans, bottles, etc, with bottom-tray or without bottom-tray, working with BSE-5040 or other PE shrink tunnels Characteristic: The Machine adopts the advanced touch screen...Read More