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jelly bag packaging machine manufacturers

  • MB-240RL Liquid Round Corner Sealed Packing Machine

    Contact NowMB-240RL Liquid Round Corner Sealed Packing MachineMB-240RL Liquid Round corner sealed packing machine 1.Application: This machine is applicable for powder packaging Be used for packing powder in field of food, medicine and chemical 2.Features 1.Apply PLC as master controller, and transducer to govern the electrical motor, which can...Read More

  • Semi-Auto Perfume Box/Cellophane Packing Machine GS-SEMI-30S

    Contact NowSemi-Auto Perfume Box/Cellophane Packing Machine GS-SEMI-30SSemi-Auto Perfume Box/Cellophane Packing machine GS-SEMI-30S Applications: This machine is widely applicable to the automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of various single boxed articles, such as the medicine, health products, foodstuff, daily cosmetics, stationery articles, and...Read More

  • Ten Heads Weighing Filling Machine

    Contact NowTen Heads Weighing Filling Machineten heads weighing filling machine I. Main performance and structural features *Select the best combination immediately from diversified weight combinations through computer with perfect combination of high precision and high speed. *High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise...Read More

  • MY-A02 Vertical Liquid|paste Air Type Filling Machine

    Contact NowMY-A02 Vertical Liquid|paste Air Type Filling MachineMY-A02 Vertical liquid|paste air type filling machine Features Adopt manual operation does not need other power, simple operation, high filling precision; Small, low cost; Using 304 stainless steel construction of material contact parts, stainless steel valve system design; Filling volume,...Read More

  • GS-T Stand-up|four Side Sealed Bags Type Packing Machine

    Contact NowGS-T Stand-up|four Side Sealed Bags Type Packing Machine6. G S-T Vertical 4 sides sealing filling machine Features This type bag packaging machine is a latest type developed, four corners are added on the packaging bag based on vertical bag, making the packaging bag have a stronger spatial vision, nicer appearance and more attraction. This packaging...Read More

  • Semi-auto Cup Seal Machine For Plastic Cup Seal

    Contact NowSemi-auto Cup Seal Machine For Plastic Cup SealDescription : Suitable for Packing Beverages, Mineral Water, Soya Milk, Juices, etc. &nbspnbsp; This machine is used for automatic filling and sealing of PP / HIPS Cups. This machine is well accepted in market due to its easy operation, and smooth production & low failure rate. Machine...Read More

  • SEMI Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

    Contact NowSEMI Automatic Carton Sealing MachineSEMI automatic carton sealing machine stable and smooth,beautiful look an save the labour,can be used with the Automatic PackagingMachine Series.The lastest patent tape attaching device,no need the fan to blow the tape to make it smooth,apply the patent pressing device,ensure the tape tightened...Read More

  • MB-R450 Reverse Film Flow Pack Machine for Plasticine

    Contact NowMB-R450 Reverse Film Flow Pack Machine for PlasticineMB-R450 Reverse film flow pack machine Applications: The machine is ideal for packaging solid products with regular shape such as biscuit, bread, candy, commodities and industrial parts.The bulk products need to be placed in a tray to form regular shape first before being packaged Description:...Read More

  • GS-SP PE Bag Packing Machine

    Contact NowGS-SP PE Bag Packing MachineGS-SP PE bag packing machine 1. Feature ◆Imported PLC fully computer-controlled system, ouch screen is intuitionist and easy to operate with different languages,show you The working state and operating instructions. ◆Vacuum film transportation system,it will more stable,placidly and...Read More