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round coffee packing machine

  • MY-M1 Semi-auto Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine for Liquid

    Contact NowMY-M1 Semi-auto Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine for LiquidMY-M1 Semi-auto magnetic pump liquid filling machine Features: Gear pump head by magnetic drive pump head and motor no shaft connection, do not worry about damage to the shaft seal leak or pump motor load is too high and burn; Click on the pump head and imported from Germany, the other...Read More

  • MB-288 Coffee Pod|round Coffee Packing Machine

    Contact NowMB-288 Coffee Pod|round Coffee Packing MachineMB-288 Coffee pod|round coffee packing machine 1.APPLICATIONS: This machine is suitable for tea powder, coffee powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, etc. 2.characteristics: Automatic bag making, measuring, cutting, sealing, cutting, counting, at the same time can be configured according...Read More

  • GS-S Sealed Packing Machine

    Contact NowGS-S Sealed Packing MachineGS-SC Center side sealed packing machine I. Main performance and structural features *Automatically complete all the process from feeding, counting, filling and bag making, date printing to finished products outputting. *High counting precision and efficiency without crashing material. I. The...Read More

  • MY-2XS Vertical Perfume Filling Machine

    Contact NowMY-2XS Vertical Perfume Filling MachineMY-2XS Vertical perfume filling machine Perfume filling machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials. The machine adopts negative pressure and liquid surface type filling. It includes two kinds of specification such as four-head and six-head. Explosion-proof...Read More

  • GS246-900 Continuous Sealing Machine

    Contact NowGS246-900 Continuous Sealing MachineGS246-900 continuous Sealing machine Applications: Suitable for plastic film OPP bags, which are widely used in food, medicine, postal and other industries. Description: GS246 series plastic film continuous sealing machine is suitable for small packing seal, control and stepless speed adopts...Read More

  • MY-AC2 Auto Drop Cup Filling and Sealing Machine for Water|liquid|juice Cup

    Contact NowMY-AC2 Auto Drop Cup Filling and Sealing Machine for Water|liquid|juice CupMY-AC2 Auto drop cup filling and sealing machine 1)This series is widely used in various kinds of plastic cup for liquid filling and sealing. It can automatically finish the process of filling, sealing, cutting, printing the code, sterilizing in ultraviolet radiation and falling cup etc. It can...Read More

  • Auto Round Bottle Label Machine

    Contact NowAuto Round Bottle Label MachineApplications : Round bottle Description: Stickers round bottle labeling machine, mainly applied to food, medicine, chemical and other industries in a circular container object on standard, labeling effect is good. Label Materials: Stickers label roll Features: High speed automatic labeling...Read More

  • Fully Auto Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

    Contact NowFully Auto Pet Bottle Blowing Machinebottle size: 200ml-2000ml Applications: PET Plastic raw materials to make bottle embryo, and then blowing. The commonly used is the environmental protection plastic PET material. Using the machine to blow out of the wind, blowing PET plastic body attached to a certain shape of cavity, thus made...Read More

  • MB-B450 Bottom Film Flow Pack Machine for Mophead|brush|grinding Wheel

    Contact NowMB-B450 Bottom Film Flow Pack Machine for Mophead|brush|grinding WheelMB-B450 Bottom film flow pack machine Applications: The machine is ideal for packaging solid products with regular shape such as biscuit, bread, candy, commodities and industrial parts.The bulk products need to be placed in a tray to form regular shape first before being packaged Description:...Read More

  • Semi-auto Cup Seal Machine For Plastic Cup Seal

    Contact NowSemi-auto Cup Seal Machine For Plastic Cup SealDescription : Suitable for Packing Beverages, Mineral Water, Soya Milk, Juices, etc. &nbspnbsp; This machine is used for automatic filling and sealing of PP / HIPS Cups. This machine is well accepted in market due to its easy operation, and smooth production & low failure rate. Machine...Read More