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  • DY-8 Manual Ribbon Date Code Print Machine for Paper|bag

    Contact NowDY-8 Manual Ribbon Date Code Print Machine for Paper|bagDY-8 Hand date code printer Applications :Aotimatic printing date, time, Batch number, Serial number Description: ERCP1 adopts thermal printing belt instead of ink printing, adopt the special type of loading and unloading in word structure, can print on any soft packing material. The printing is...Read More

  • MY-HA Horizontal Liquid Filling Machine Liquid|milk Liquid|water

    Contact NowMY-HA Horizontal Liquid Filling Machine Liquid|milk Liquid|waterMY-HA Horizontal liquid filling machine Applications: The machine is widely used in the fields of food, daily chemical, medicine, etc. to filling liquids. Description: The semi-automatic Horizontal liquid filling machine uses Stainless Steel structure. The piston is made of Poly fluoro...Read More

  • Small PET Bottle Blowing Machine

    Contact NowSmall PET Bottle Blowing Machinebottle size: 200ml-2000ml Applications: PET Plastic raw materials to make bottle embryo, and then blowing. The commonly used is the environmental protection plastic PET material. Using the machine to blow out of the wind, blowing PET plastic body attached to a certain shape of cavity, thus made...Read More

  • Semi-auto High Table Carton Strapping Machine

    Contact NowSemi-auto High Table Carton Strapping MachineSemi-auto High table Carton strapping machine Applications: Apply to cartons, plastic boxes, books, soft bags and square, tubular, circumferential strapping a variety of materials such as packaging, widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, printing, medicine, postal and other...Read More

  • MB-240A Vertical Auger Screw Filling Packing Machine for Powder|fruit Powder|dry Powder|medicine|slimming Tea|veterinary

    Contact NowMB-240A Vertical Auger Screw Filling Packing Machine for Powder|fruit Powder|dry Powder|medicine|slimming Tea|veterinaryMB-240A vertical auger screw filling packing machine(center side|three side|four side sealed) 1.Application: This machine is applicable for powder packaging Be used for packing powder in field of food, medicine and chemical 2.Features 1.Apply PLC as master controller, and transducer to govern...Read More

  • Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

    Contact NowStretch Film Wrapping MachineStretch film Wrapping Machine Stretch film Wrapping Machine APPLICATIONS : Suitable transport and mechanical loading and unloading operation packaging requirements. Widely used and the export of foreign trade, food and beverage, irrigation, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemical industry, glass...Read More

  • MB-R350 Reverse Film Flow Pack Machine for Small Rag Baby

    Contact NowMB-R350 Reverse Film Flow Pack Machine for Small Rag BabyMB-B350 Bottom film flow pack machine Applications: The machine is ideal for packaging solid products with regular shape such as biscuit, bread, candy, commodities and industrial parts.The bulk products need to be placed in a tray to form regular shape first before being packaged Description:...Read More

  • GS-SK Sevro Motor High Speed Packing Machine

    Contact NowGS-SK Sevro Motor High Speed Packing MachineGS-SK Sevro motor High speed packing machine with double servo motor 1、The structural feature ◆PLC control with touch panel-step by step instruction. ◆Equipped with servo winding system,pneumatic control system. ◆The maximize to improve the whole machine precision, reliability and stability....Read More

  • Shrinking Machine

    Contact NowShrinking MachineShrinking Machine Applications: This set of equipment is particularly suited to software, print, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, drinks and industry such as floor mass shrinkable packaging Description: shrinkable packaging machine series adopts advanced spiral wind technologies from Europe...Read More

  • Auto Round Bottle Label Machine

    Contact NowAuto Round Bottle Label MachineApplications : Round bottle Description: Stickers round bottle labeling machine, mainly applied to food, medicine, chemical and other industries in a circular container object on standard, labeling effect is good. Label Materials: Stickers label roll Features: High speed automatic labeling...Read More