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whiste packing machine

  • MB-B300 Bottom Film Flow Pack Machine for Small Toy|note Book|whiste|bread

    Contact NowMB-B300 Bottom Film Flow Pack Machine for Small Toy|note Book|whiste|breadMB-B300 Bottom film flow pack machine Applications: The machine is ideal for packaging solid products with regular shape such as biscuit, bread, candy, commodities and industrial parts.The bulk products need to be placed in a tray to form regular shape first before being packaged Description:...Read More

  • MY-2XS Vertical Perfume Filling Machine

    Contact NowMY-2XS Vertical Perfume Filling MachineMY-2XS Vertical perfume filling machine Perfume filling machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials. The machine adopts negative pressure and liquid surface type filling. It includes two kinds of specification such as four-head and six-head. Explosion-proof...Read More

  • Semi-auto Flat Bottle Label Machine

    Contact NowSemi-auto Flat Bottle Label MachineApplications : flat bottle label Description: Stickers Flat bottle labeling machine, mainly applied to food, medicine, chemical and other industries in a circular container object on standard, labeling effect is good. Label Materials: Stickers label roll Features: Applicable to flat, square or...Read More

  • Semi-auto Low Table Carton Strapping Machine

    Contact NowSemi-auto Low Table Carton Strapping MachineSemi-auto Low table Carton strapping machine Applications: Apply to cartons, plastic boxes, books, soft bags and square, tubular, circumferential strapping a variety of materials such as packaging, widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, printing, medicine, postal and other...Read More

  • GS-25A Auto Cellophane Packaging Machine For Perufme Box,cellophane,Cigarette Box

    Contact NowGS-25A Auto Cellophane Packaging Machine For Perufme Box,cellophane,Cigarette BoxGS-25A Auto Cellophane packaging machine for perufme box,cellophane,Cigarette box Applications: This machine is widely applicable to the automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of various single boxed articles, such as the medicine, health products, foodstuff, daily cosmetics, stationery...Read More

  • Automatic Paper Cup Machine

    Contact NowAutomatic Paper Cup MachineApplications: Model GS-A12 paper cup forming is an automatic machine with mulit-working station,which has the function of photocell detetion,failure aiarm counter and the advantages of humanism design safer operation and essier maintenance Machine have functions of : it makes...Read More

  • MB-188 Drip Coffee Bag (Inner & Outer Bags) Packaging Machine

    Contact NowMB-188 Drip Coffee Bag (Inner & Outer Bags) Packaging MachineMB-188 Drip Coffee Bag (Inner & Outer Bags) Packaging Machine I. Application scope Powdered coffee and other small particles of material II. Features The special drip filter bag with three-sided sealing is adopted, which can be directly hung against the cup edge to have a better brewing...Read More

  • MB-280S Shisha|fruit Shisha| Tobacco| Molasses Packing Machine

    Contact NowMB-280S Shisha|fruit Shisha| Tobacco| Molasses Packing MachineMB-280S Shisha|fruit shisha|tobacco|molasses packing machine Application: The machine is suitable for food, medicine, chemistry, agriculture, local special food, tobacco,health products and other industries packaging, such as cigarette paste, etc. Features: 1.The machine use PLC chip controller,...Read More

  • MY-C2 Semi-auto Filling Cup Sealing Machine for Water Cup

    Contact NowMY-C2 Semi-auto Filling Cup Sealing Machine for Water CupMY-C2 Cup filling&sealing machine Description : Suitable for Packing Beverages, Mineral Water, Soya Milk, Juices, etc. This machine is used for automatic filling and sealing of PP / HIPS Cups. This machine is well accepted in market due to its easy operation, and smooth production & low...Read More

  • Shrinking Machine

    Contact NowShrinking MachineShrinking Machine Applications: This set of equipment is particularly suited to software, print, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, drinks and industry such as floor mass shrinkable packaging Description: shrinkable packaging machine series adopts advanced spiral wind technologies from Europe...Read More